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Bhavin Jankharia

I didn't know that the Wayback Machine at the Internet Archives had been archiving I stumbled upon these archives while looking for something else.

Man From Matunga
Writings, essays, reviews and rants about daily living in Mumbai and life in general

Since I have no idea how long these will remain (I assume for a long, long, time), I have thought of putting up links to the archives for anyone interested in reading what I wrote on or before 10 Nov 1999, i.e almost 24 years ago.

I remember writing for Sulekha, but have no idea what I was doing at SAWF or Wild Child Magazine or TopWriteCorner. None of these exist today.

The first piece I ever published online was titled "Of Sitcoms" on 01 Jun 1999. I have put it up as a separate post on this site. You can see it here in this pic from 10 Nov 1999.

14.1: Of Sitcoms
My first piece published online and perhaps the first blog post published in India
Man From Matunga Internet Archives